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Your 'Welsh Pride' Gift Collection

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At Wickedly Welsh, we have a remarkably simple and clear goal, that is to bring our customers the best Welsh chocolate we possibly can. Using the best Welsh ingredients and fuelled by our hunger and passion, we believe we have the formula for something special. Our Welsh Pride collection is a tribute to our nation and it’s unmatched passion for the place we call home.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive three items in this order and this will be made up of: A packet of three Love Spoons and then one bar of dark, Welsh themed, and one bar of milk, Welsh themed, chocolate.

The ‘Welsh Pride’ collection is composed of three chocolate bars, each of them based on traditional Welsh symbols and designed to make you feel nostalgic and proud all at the same time. We’re a nation with so much to be proud of, from Aneurin Bevan to Tom Jones, we are full to the brim with talent and natural beauty. A land that’s admired worldwide for its beautiful national parks, vast sandy beaches and cosmopolitan capital city. There is a reason we are such proud people - and no, it's not just because of our stand-out rugby team - we go above and beyond for our neighbours and welcome everybody with open arms.

The perfect gift for the Welsh chocolate lover in your life, this collection offers a selection of flavours sure to impress. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or you just fancy being extra kind, this is the Wickedly perfect gift to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Whether you’re looking for a snack to take to the rugby or an artisan delicacy to impress the guests, these chocolate bars are guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Why not surprise the family to an evening treat that not only excites the taste buds but shares a message about some of our most iconic Welsh relics?

The first chocolate in the collection is a trio of iconic Welsh lovespoons, coming in Moreish Milk, Devilishly Dark and Wickedly White chocolate. Historically, the Welsh lovespoon is a hand-crafted spoon, which was carved by young men through the long, Welsh winter nights. Their original purpose was to declare a man’s loving intent for a woman. The typical 18th century Welsh girl would often accumulate several spoons from different suitors, they would display them on the wall of the family home for her father to judge which of the young men were most capable of providing for his daughter. They are still gifted today as a traditional and lovely way of expressing love for your family, friends or the special person in your life. As you can probably tell, we are big fans of these beautiful traditional Welsh crafts, which is exactly why we decided to craft three miniature lovespoons out of our Wickedly delicious chocolate.

It would have been wrong of us to create a pride collection without including the Welsh dragon, which for many is the most iconic symbol of Wales. The Welsh dragon origins have long been with Wales, used as an ancient battle standard of Wales as early as the fifth century. Between 1120 and 1129 the Red Dragon - Ddraig Goch, was linked with the Arthurian legends, including Uther Pendragon, the father of Arthur, whose name translates as ‘dragon head’. It has since been used throughout British history, eventually becoming the officially recognised Welsh national flag in 1959. The Welsh dragon symbolises the pride and passion that unites the Welsh people. So what better way to celebrate than to enjoy it in our deliciously creamy milk chocolate?

And as If that wasn’t enough, we have one more final treat for you, an intricately designed dark chocolate bar bearing a three-dimensional map of Wales, the land of our fathers. This beautifully designed chocolate bar perfectly brings this collection together. Our rich, delicate, dark chocolate has a totally unique flavour, perfect for sharing with friends.

Sound appealing? This collection really does make us proud to be Welsh and we think it will fill you with pride too.


*Please check the individual listings for allergens, ingredients and nutritional information.

Allergen Notice
Wickedly Welsh Chocolate is handcrafted in a single production area maintained to the highest level of hygene and cleanliness. There remains a small risk of cross-contamination from trace ingredients not explicitly stated in bold on the purchased product label. These trace ingredients may include: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. If you have a food allergy please consult your health professional.

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Don't take our word for it


Beautiful tasty chocolate that I cannot recommend enough!!!

David Goodman

via Facebook


We were lucky enough to get a dragon's egg for Easter. Not only was it beautiful, it tasted amazing!

Lynsey Jackson

via Facebook


LUSH! Amazing selection of unique and delicious chocolates. Excellent for gifts, excellent for tasty personal treats, well priced for premium gorgeous chocolate! Thank you

Kate Nicolson



Fabulous real chocolate made the traditional way, the Halen Môn Sea Salt and Caramel Raspberry and Vodka Dark Chocolate bars are to die for. I'll be back!

Karen Swift