Wickedly Welsh Chocolate - Naughty and Nice list

Open notebook with chocolate bars names written on naughty and nice list

Perfectly nice or wickedly naughty, Wickedly Welsh Chocolate have the bar for you! Discover which bar Father Christmas would be putting in your stocking this year depending on whether you’ve been naughty or nice...

Naughty list

Have you or someone you know been a little bit Wicked this year and fear your names may be on Father Christmases naughty list? Don’t panic, here at Wickedly Welsh we believe everyone deserves chocolate, even those with a slightly devilish side.

Indulge in one of our bars specially selected for those who have been a little bit naughty this year. Whether you’ve been sneaking extra snacks out the cupboard and blaming the kids for their mysterious disappearance or “accidently” forgetting to call that relative that keeps you on the phone for hours, there is no need to fear - we’ve got you!

Here at Wickedly Welsh Chocolate we like to add a dash of extra naughtiness to our bars, for those who like a touch of mischief in their day to day.

First to make it on our list of Naughty is no other than the Gin-dulgence and Raspberry and Vodka bars, both equally as sinful. Two bars with a slight sharpness in their taste, these wickedly delicious treats make the ideal option for the troublemakers amongst us. A treat for your own naughty pleasure or ideal to give to that friend who may have been just as wicked with you this year.

Next is a bar that is frighteningly delicious, the Lime-coconut chilli may seem intimidating, but we can assure you the taste will be a wonderful surprise. The soft kick of chilli is what really gets this bar on the Naughty list.

The most rich and indulgent of them all, the Devilishly Dark. If gluttony gets us on the naughty list, then you better put our names down too! There really is no controlling the urge to eat this entire bar up in one sitting.

Nice list

Do you believe you deserve a little treat from me to me or is there someone truly wonderful in your life that deserves a little ‘thank you’? Then these are the bars ideal for those who are all “sweetness and light”.

Something for those who abide by the rules and make it their mission to spread kindness in all they do. Flavour combinations that are superbly sweet and perfectly nice - specially selected for those who have been angels all year round.

Eton mess is the sweetest bar of all. One of our newer flavours, it has definitely been a firm favourite. There is no surprise with this bar, the only naughtiness is its audacity to be so delicious. Sure to make your lovely friends beam in delight, this bar has certainly secured its spot on the nice list.

A breath of fresh air, the Mint Crunch combines two of the nation’s favourite flavours into one bar. Mint and chocolate are a match made in chocolate heaven, widely enjoyed by many – such a popular flavoured bar, and anything this popular must be extremely nice, right? We’d say so as this flavour is even winning awards!

Perhaps the most popular selling of our bars is the Orange and Honeycomb – nothing makes us feel more Christmassy than an orange flavoured chocolate and with the added sweet crunch of Honeycomb that takes this bar to new levels of delicious, leaving it a worthy contender for a place on the nice list.

Last but not least is the Moreish Milk Chocolate, of course, the most traditional of chocolate flavours, milk chocolate is definitely deserving of a spot on the nice list. This comforting flavour is a winner amongst so many, gift this to anyone and we can almost guarantee they will be overjoyed with this classic flavour!

Want to send a bit of Wales to a loved one this Christmas? Why not slip the Milk chocolate map of Wales into your loved one’s stocking? Just as delicious with a whole lot of heritage.