How To Store Your Chocolate In Summer

Stacked chocolate with melted chocolate being drizzled on top

As we slip into the warm embrace of summer, enjoying lighter evenings and outdoor dining, it can be hard not to overlook one disaster that may arise – yep, the horror that is melting chocolate.

It may seem trivial but knowing how to store your chocolate in summer is a crucial lesson for all chocolate lovers.

How to store your chocolate in summer

The good news is summertime doesn’t mean the end of enjoying your favourite Wickedly Welsh Chocolate bars. You may just need to be more mindful of how to store your tasty delights so that you’re not met with a melting mess.

Keep your chocolate out of direct sunlight

The first rule for storing chocolate in summer is to never leave it in direct sunlight. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’m sure we’ve all been in a rush and left our chocolate on the counter near a window, or perhaps even in a hot car before. The devastating realisation that your chocolate is no longer snappable is sometimes a little too upsetting to take, especially when the cravings kick in.

So, how do you stop this tragedy from arising? You make sure you’re ALWAYS storing your chocolatey treats correctly!

Storing your chocolate in the fridge

There is a heated debate as to whether storing your chocolate in the fridge is right or wrong. We’re not here to discriminate, whichever way you like to enjoy your chocolate is your own decision. No matter where you choose to store your chocolate, I’m sure we can all agree in one thing - chocolate is ruler of all sweet treats. With that being said, keeping chocolate in the fridge is very much discouraged by chocolatiers. Sorry to the chocolate-in-the-fridge lovers, but the debate has been settled.

Altered taste

There are a few things that you should be mindful of if you decide to store your chocolate in the fridge. Chocolate can easily absorb flavours from odorous foods. Unless you’re looking to add hints of brie to your orange and honeycomb bar, you’ll need to seal your chocolate in an airtight container to keep your chocolate tasting its best.

A changed texture

Have you ever bought chocolate before and noticed a white discolouration on the surface? This isn’t anything to worry about and it’s definitely not mould, it is just the result of chocolate being exposed to cold temperatures. If this happens you can still enjoy your chocolate, it just may not be quite as delicious as it once was.

This white discolouration is often referred to as ‘sugar bloom’ and happens when your chocolate is exposed to warm temperatures after being stored in the fridge. The condensation caused by the temperature change dissolves the sugar on the chocolate surface before re-crystallizing, creating the white surface on your chocolate.

If you are continuously putting chocolate in and out of the fridge, this ‘sugar bloom’ can alter the texture of your chocolate. Instead of smooth and silky goodness your chocolate will become more brittle and ultimately start to lose its creaminess.

If you’re someone who enjoys keeping their chocolate in the fridge all year around then go right ahead. Keeping your chocolate in the fridge is an effective way to stop it from melting over the hot months of summer but it will result in a compromised taste and texture.

Storing your chocolate in the cupboard

For those who wouldn’t dream of storing their chocolate in the fridge even in scorching heat, there are other options for you to continue eating chocolate in summer. Thank goodness!

Chocolate should be stored between 10C and 20C which means a cool cupboard will suffice for keeping your chocolate at the correct temperate.

Choose a cupboard in your kitchen (or anywhere in your home) that is away from direct sunlight or the heat of appliances and dub it your new chocolate confectionary cave. As long as this cupboard stays dry and below 20°C then it’s the perfect new home to keep your chocolate in perfect condition , allowing you to continue enjoying chocolate treats all year round.