Do You Know the History of the Welsh Love Spoon?

A beautiful cottage in the Welsh Valleys in Autum. Like the one depicted in the Welsh Love Spoon story

Did you know that our Welsh Love Spoon Chocolates have a backstory that is as beautiful as the taste. If you don't know the tale, make yourself a Wickedly Welsh Hot Chocolate, sit back and read on.

So the story goes, in a quaint village nestled amidst the rolling hills of Wales, Llewellyn, a young carpenter, lived with dreams bigger than the vast sky. Each day, as he carved wood, his thoughts wandered to Eira, the girl with hair as golden as the summer sun and eyes reflecting the clear blue of the village stream.

Though Llewellyn longed to express his feelings, words failed him every time he stood before Eira. One evening, as he sat beneath the twinkling stars, an idea sparked in his heart.

He decided to carve his emotions into a piece of wood, as words alone could not contain the depth of his affection. With every chip and curve, Llewellyn's heart poured into the creation.

The story of the Welsh Love Spoon

He carved a heart for his undying love, diamonds to wish her prosperity, and a key to symbolise his offer to unlock all the happiness in the world for her. Days turned to nights, and finally, under the silver glow of the moon, Llewellyn's masterpiece was complete: a beautiful, intricate spoon, unlike any the village had ever seen.

It was not just any spoon; it was a spoon filled with promises, dreams, and unspoken words. One crisp morning, with the first rays of dawn painting the sky, Llewellyn approached Eira's home.

With bated breath, he presented the spoon to her, his eyes shimmering with hope. Eira, taken aback by the beauty of the spoon, recognised the symbols and the depth of emotion they represented.

Her heart fluttered as she realised Llewellyn's intentions. She felt the same but, like him, struggled with the words. From that day on, the village was abuzz with tales of the romantic love spoon. And so, the tradition began.

Young men began crafting their feelings into spoons, each unique, each telling a different story. Llewellyn and Eira's love flourished, bound by the promises etched in wood.

They grew old together, with their love spoon hanging by their hearth, a testament to a love so deep it transcended words.

To this day, children in Wales grow up hearing the tale of Llewellyn and Eira, and how their love gave birth to a tradition that would be celebrated for generations to come.

So the next time you order and tuck into one of our Welsh Love Spoon Chocolates, remember, you are playing your own part in a beautiful Welsh tale.