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Ultimate 48 Mother's Day Chocolate Box

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Why have a mere 12 or 24 when you can have our enormous Ultimate 48 Mother's Day Chocolate Box and quadruple the pleasure that we all know she deserves? There's more than enough to share and then share some more, but if you’re feeling extra naughty then we don’t blame you for wanting to keep them all to yourself .. that's almost 7 perfectly handcrafted chocolate hearts every day for an entire week!

Handmade with lots of Wickedly Welsh love by our expert team of chocolatiers, these delicious hearts are the perfect gift for any mum this Mother’s day. Make the most of them whilst you can as they won’t be around long, they are just too good to have sat on the shelf. Three Wicked flavours that will tantalise your tastebuds and heighten your tongue's sensitivity to all-new levels.

We've included three different flavours of our perfectly shaped chocolate love hearts and it all starts with a faultless blend of 60% cocoa dark chocolate, juicy strawberry and subtle champagne notes. Save yourself the expense of buying a bottle of fizz and fruity strawberries for the most important lady in your life and invest in these little beauties instead. All the flavours of both but with the cost of one!

You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice as you move on to the white chocolate hearts bursting with raspberry goodness. We are of course biased, but until you give these bad boys a try you have no idea what you're missing.

Our ever-popular recipe of milk chocolate Welsh-salted praline love hearts can be enjoyed with a movie or over a glass of wine. Celebrate the day in style and luxurious sophistication. The outer milk chocolate is creamy without being overly sweet and is complimented perfectly by the nutty texture inside with it's oh so subtle 'kick' of locally sourced Welsh sea salt.

Make her Mother’s day one to remember with this ultimate selection box of 48 heart-shaped chocolates, there's no better way to make a mum feel special.

Here at Wickedly Welsh HQ, we are passionate about all things chocolate and ensure that all our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients sustainable. We also take great care to ensure that all of our ingredients are sustainably and, wherever possible, locally sourced right here in our own beautiful homeland of Wales!