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The Aphrodisiac Six – Limited Edition Valentines Day Gift

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Our Chocolate Chefs have designed a special, limited edition range that will have you delving into the box, time and time again. You can try to resist them but these flavours will make it harder than ever before. Hurry though, we have only made a small number of this erotic range.

Like many a good night out, these come in a small, but perfectly formed, box. The outer ribbon is the only thing that stands in the way between you and an oral explosion. Let us guide you through your first, sexy-six, Wicked box of delights.

First up is the aphrodisiac classic; Oysters and Tabasco sauce. It is written in folklore that oysters* can increase the libido and our talented chocolatiers have spent months recreating the taste so that you and your partner can glide right into chocolate heaven when Valentine’s Day lands.

Second up is the Screaming Orgasm. Flavours of Kahlua, Irish cream, amaretto, vodka and single cream are encased in a white chocolate pocket that is shaped to sit perfectly on the tongue.

Finally in our aphrodisiac range is the Pornstar Martini. These two treats are sure to trigger the pocket rocket thanks to the mix of fizzy wine, vodka, passion fruit, Passoa and not forgetting the classic twist of citrus flavours. The history of this classic cocktail tells us that it was created to be provocative, but how you swallow it down, is definitely up to you.

Let the flavours wash over you on this special day courtesy of our Sexy-Six and whilst we would normally encourage, welcome and embrace some pictures of our creations being shared, on this occasion you should definitely be keeping them to yourselves.

This is a strictly limited edition of 100 pieces as we firmly believe that releasing too much of these special reserve chocolates would have serious consequences for the UK's population growth ... possibly.

Larry The Love Oyster*Does not contain actual oyster or extract of oyster. Our Chocolatiers have recreated the flavour using various ingredients that form part of our secret recipe.