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Gift For Mum All Year Round

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Treat that special lady in your life with this hamper full of chocolate goodness. The word mum can represent a variety of special ladies, whether that is your biological mum, step mum, auntie or nan. Whoever has been that motherly figure in your life deserves this extra special gift and it doesn’t even have to be given on Mother’s Day as this hamper can be gifted all year round for whenever you want to show your appreciation and love.

This ‘Gift For Mum All Year Round’ hamper consists of a fantastic selection of wickedly good chocolates. There is not one, but three chocolate bars to choose from. First up we have the Gin-dulgence bar. That’s right, a bar of chocolate with that gorgeous gin flavour – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! This bar is the perfect combination and will have your tongue tantalising as the fresh yet fruity flavours hit your tastebuds and the mix of white and milk chocolate mixed smoothly together to complement the richness of the red berries for a true mouth sensation. You will experience a burst of favours from vanilla to dark and white chocolate to even blackcurrant, all whilst giving you that gin fix that you need if you’re trying to cut out the alcohol this year. This bar is a match made in heaven and will leave a subtle yet long-lasting taste on your palette.

Moving swiftly on to the Strawberry and Champagne bar where our expert chocolatiers have created only the best to accompany you on a night in with a film. This bar screams celebration so we wanted to incorporate this bar into this hamper so you can celebrate your mum in style with those special sophisticated flavours. This chocolate will melt in your mouth and give you the combination of luxury champagne and sweet strawberries which will put a smile on anyone’s face in no time. We only want your mum to have the best, and this bar is one of our best-selling, so it is a treat not to be missed.

Last but by no means least is our Raspberry and Vodka bar in Devilishly Dark Chocolate. The bitter and sweet flavours will have you wanting more and are designed to give that taste explosion you will find hard to forget. The fresh raspberries are blended beautifully with the smoothest vodka that gives a sophisticated kick, all incorporated into the bitterly beautiful dark chocolate – a combination you never knew you needed in your life.

We weren’t lying when we said this hamper is full of chocolate goodness. Alongside the three popular bars, we have a little box filled with box of 6  petit four chocolate selection that are bursting with a choice of three popular flavours.

I know what you’re thinking, but we’re not finished yet! Our fabulous Mother’s Day hamper hosts not one, but four of our milk and dark chocolate Love Spoons. There is no better way to show your love and appreciation than with the iconic Welsh symbol of love.

Finishing off this amazing gift box is our tasty chocolate puddles that are little droplets of goodness. There are three bags of puddles in this hamper, two are the Moreish Milk Chocolate whilst one is the Devilishly Dark, so there is plenty of choices to last a while, but we do know how good our chocolate is, so don’t be surprised if it is all gone in a matter of hours leaving you feeling sick – love sick of course!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Vodka bar, Gin-dulgence bar, Strawberries and Champagne bar, 4x Individual Love Spoons, 2x Milk Chocolate Puddles and 1x Dark Chocolate Puddles. 1 box of 6  petit four chocolates.