Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar
Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar
Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar
Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar
Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar
Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar

Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Bar

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Smooth and silky, creamy and moreish...just a couple of words to introduce you to our brand new, Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn Milk Chocolate bar. But don’t worry, that’s not all we have to say about this chocolate creation so, sit back, relax and let our chocolate do the talking...

Now first things first, here at Wickedly Welsh we use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients for the mixing of our handcrafted artisan chocolate, and this recipe is no exception. Our master chocolatiers have carefully sourced the highest quality Halen Môn Sea Salt & pink peppercorns to create our brand new milk chocolate taste sensation. Of course, no recipe would be complete without a dash of a little Wickedly Welsh magic to create the ultimate milk chocolate bar.

So let’s move onto the exciting part, how does it taste we hear you ask? Starting with the pink peppercorns, this is one of the most unusual ingredients we've ever put into a chocolate bar but oh how we wish we had done this sooner! If you are unfamiliar with the flavour of pink peppercorn, it's spicy and holds a deeper, more rounded pepperiness than the traditional black peppercorn. The pink peppercorn leaves a soft heat on the palette, similar to that of a chilli. To balance out the bite of the pink peppercorn, our master chocolatiers have picked our moreish milk chocolate to sooth the palette with a creamy, milk chocolate base.

Now you may be thinking surely, adding salt into this chocolate bar will be too overpowering. Well, you are soooo wrong! Lets get into the science behind our wickedly good idea; adding salt into chocolate accentuates the sweetness and suppresses the bitterness of the peppercorns. Our locally sourced Halen Môn Sea Salt acts as a natural flavour enhancer to our light, milk chocolate bar, taking the flavour to a whole new level of chocolate euphoria!

Soo, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and try this taste sensation for yourself and let us know what you think...we know you're going to love it just as much as we do!


Typical Values Per 100g:
Energy 504 kcal
Fat 29.2 g
- of which saturates 17.4 g
Carbohydrate 54.5 g
- of which sugars 53.7 g
Protein 7.0 g
Salt 1.3 g

Milk Chocolate: Cocoa solids (33.6%), Milk Solids (21.8%) Minimum, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass.
Emulsifiers: Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring.
Toppings: Halen Môn Sea Salt, Pink Pepper Corns

May contain trace amounts of Milk, Tree Nuts or Peanuts.